Movie Review: A Christmas Horror Story

The latest in the anthology trend, Directors Grant Harvey, Steve Hoban, and Brett Sullivan brings you interwoven tales that take place on Christmas with a little horror twist. While there are elements of creativity here the movie as a whole just didn’t have what it took to leave an impression.

This movie is told in 4 tales from the perspective views of high schoolers who investigate an urban legend, A family who sets out to the woods to get the perfect Christmas tree and return home with more than they bargained for, Krampus himself bringing the pain to a spoiled sinful family, and old Saint Nick himself dealing with zombie elves.

From the trailer I could tell this movie was going to be a little off with its cheesy effects and storytelling. Sometimes you watch them though and you can find a gem that leaves a mark. Sadly, this movie didn’t keep my attention for very long. From the beginning it takes off in this sloppy back and forth introducing each story in a matter of the first 5 mins. It didn’t allow us to take in the characters and how a story started because it rushed to the next making it easy to forget the previous scene.

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29906170001_4561238617001_4561129782001-vsIn the center of it all is probably the only huge star everyone knows and that is William Shatner who plays a talk radio host keeping those alone on Christmas company with his antics on the holidays. He isn’t really involved with the rest of the stories and his words are not really rememberable. You will certainly recognize a few faces from TV guest stars or other straight to DVD movies.

AChristmasHorrorStory_Still6Here is a little of the positive that I think you may find interesting. One of the stories stood out to me as the best of the bunch making it suspenseful and intriguing to find out what is happening. That story is the family of 3 who set out to get the best Christmas tree. They set out to the woods and cut one down and bring it back. After returning they find that their son is not acting like his usual self. To most people, he starts acting like a Bebe kid a.k.a bad ass kid but in the tone of the movie, you know something is wrong with the child. These were the only characters I cared about. The other stories are okay to watch but you kind of want all of them to die so you are hoping that their deaths are at least entertaining enough to watch.

Overall, this movie is for B rated horror movie lovers, horror comedy lover, and moviegeeks that like to turn off the brain for a while and watch a horror movie for Christmas. This movie doesn’t bring anything new to the table but I will say this. One of the stories did manage to catch me by surprise once it all wrapped up.

+1/2 Didn’t fall asleep but didn’t pay attention for the most part. 
+1/2 writing.
+1 acting
+0 recommendation
+0 replay

Total = 2 points out of 5 


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