Movie Review: In the Heart of the Sea

While bringing some award winning performances and great visual sets. Ron Howard’s latest project lacks the action pack epic battle I am sure many of you were looking forward to from the trailer.

65812Think of this drama in the same tone as Finding Neverland or Ever After. This movie is told in flashbacks while someone listens to a story that will later inspire one of the greatest novels we all know. In this case that tale is Moby Dick.

Ben Whishaw plays Herman Melville, the author of the would be Moby Dick, seeking one of the survivors to come clean about what exactly happened while him and his crew were out to see. He finds crew member Tom Nickerson (Brandon Gleeson) who is dealing with those demons and uses this opportunity to speak openly about it. That is when we are taken back to 1820.


Brandon Gleeson and Tom Holland as Thomas Nickerson

As a young boy Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland) he joins the whaling ship Essex Nantucket to collect whale oil. The ship is led by Capt. George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) and First mate Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) While out in sea they encounter the gigantic whale in question and all hell breaks loose.

So if you watched the trailer that was linked above, you will see a lot of action, as the crew encounters the whale. Trust that you will see all of that in the film. Keep in mind though that happens towards the first half of the film and that is all you are going to get. So expect a lot to be shown while the rest of the film is a hardcore drama that can be a little lack luster. As the story continues after that it is a slow pace struggle for survival. Now I don’t know anything about boats, sailing, whales, and that boat lingo that was all through that movie. So you ask, “Why did I see this movie?”

First off, It’s Ron Howard. I like his work and I really enjoyed his collaboration with Chris Hemsworth in Rush.  He definitely knows how to bring a good compelling story to life on screen. I think he is really good at character development no matter how big or small the role.

Second, the trailer. I thought the trailer was a hint to a good high octane action packed battle between man and whale. They did give us that but I think the movie was longer than it had to be to keep my attention.


What I took from this movie was the brilliant acting abilities from the cast and realistic view of how it is to collect oil in those times. Puts a lot in perspective what we have to go through and why countries are at war fighting over it. If anyone is unfamiliar with Tom Holland, the would be new Spider-Man. This is a great example of how great he is. The movie sort of takes place through his point of view so he is in the center of it all throughout the film.

(For all the geeks out there I am sure you picked up on Spider-Man and Thor in the same movie. Also the small reunion of Brandon Gleeson and Michelle Fairley who plays his wife in this movie. They are both from the Harry Potter movies as Alastor ‘Mad Eye’ Moody and Mrs. Granger respectively.)

Without giving too much away from the film, there were some cringe worthy scenes and moments that will make you smack your head in disbelief that they went through all of this in the long period of time captured.


Hemsworth body transformation Vacation(left) In the heart of the Sea(Right)

Kudos to Chris Hemsworth for his dedicated body transformation he went through to make his character look more realistic who in the film struggles with starvation. This movie is for those who enjoy a good sailing movie, fans of the 1800’s, someone who likes whales maybe, or anyone who enjoys those nominated movies each year. Otherwise, its not a movie that needs to be seen in the theatre. I didn’t receive the movie I was expecting and if you wanted a death match between the whale and this crew. FORGET ABOUT IT. So let that be your guide in deciding to pay the money.


Entertainment score
+1/2 Not going to lie. I lost focus and dosed off a little bit but made it through the whole film
+1 Excellent acting from the whole cast. More great actors in the film not mentioned above you will notice.
+1/2 The writing was good bringing a great story. Just not as entertaining as I hoped.
+1/2 recommendation. If I had a do-over I would have seen something else. Movie wasn’t horrible. Those who follow the awards should see this.
0 replay value. I have no reason to see this but once.

Total = 2 1/2 points out of 5

I hope this review helps. Share your opinions of the film in the comments below. Make sure to follow me for more reviews in the future. Thanks for reading moviegeeks.


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