My top Anti-Christmas movies

With the release of Krampus. Here are my recommended Anti-Christmas movies for those that want to shake things up in their holiday viewing.

Bad Santa (2003) Rated R

This movie was hilarious from start to finish. Billy Bob Thornton plays a foul-mouth drunk named Willie who hates Christmas so much he posses as a mall Santa just to steal all the profits from the mall and run with the money. This guy makes The Grinch look like a saint. He unexpectedly meets a kid who actually believes he is Santa and changes his view on Christmas and life. The journey getting to that point has a lot of “earmuff” moments. This movie doesn’t hold back as they committed all of the 7 sins twice or more while still giving you the feels. There is a great cast supporting Billy Bob including the late Bernie Mac as the Security boss that suspects Willie is up to no good.

Just Friends (2005) Rated PG-13

Ryan Reynolds plays a former fat kid who had a crush on his female best friend. When he comes clean about his feelings and is rejected. He vowed to never be treated like that again. So he moves out of his hometown, becomes hot, successful, and a womanizer. However, his job has him returning to his hometown where he becomes the high school kid that he was before still crushing over his former best friend and feeling like that scared guy who can’t make a move. Oh and this all takes place during Christmas time.

So good. Lots of hilarious physical comedy in this one. Even though the film is PG-13, this is not the family friendly holiday movie for the whole family. Ryan Reynolds doing what he does best with a supporting cast of your favorite 2000’s stars Amy Smart and Chris Klein. Anna Faris made me cry in laughter with her role in this. A must see in my book.


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