Movie Review: Circle 2015

“What is his name?”

I’ve had this movie on my queue for a while. I remember hearing about this movie from SIFF. I really enjoy movies like these. Circle was directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione. They were inspired by the movie 12 angry men. Which explains the pace and tone of the movie. Circle is a psychological thriller involving 50 people who wake up in a room unable to move and have no idea how they got there. They find out there is a device in the middle of the room after a certain amount of time kills them one by one. So their time is limited and they have to figure out what is happening, why they are there, and how they can escape the circle.


I really enjoy movies like these. You will notice in some of my reviews, I think movies that take place in real time or in a matter of one or two days in the plot are some of the greats. One reason for that is that they don’t waste time. They get started right from the get go. Some people like for the point to just hit you in the face from the jump and others don’t. Part of the downside in filming in this format is that you don’t get too much back story. This is one of them. The story and anything that is needed to know is explained through dialogue. So keep that in mind when watching this film.

When choosing a movie from Netflix or movies that don’t hit theatres you run into films that don’t have any big names or huge star power to motivate you to watch. This movie is no difference. There are a lot of recognizable faces, character actors, TV stars, etc. The biggest name I noticed is Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy, the vampire Slayer series, Angel, No ordinary family) She was also in Saw V which reminded me a little bit of this movie. circle-2015-movie-review-thriller-cerebral-dramaNot much acting chops are required for this movie. Especially since the movie takes place in one room and all they are required to do is stand there and speak. The plot is something that is nothing new but this movie will definitely give you something to talk about. It makes you think morally of what you are capable as a human being. This movie can be frustrating in some ways because if you were in their shoes there are things that are not said and done that I am sure you would want to do.

This is a movie that shouldn’t be watched in the background. It is going to lose its appeal if you happen to miss anything, leave the room, or even work on something while you watch it. You will keep up with it but it probably will look ridiculous after a while if you are not into it. So pick 87 mins to just sit and watch and who knows you may end up liking this movie a lot. Watch it if you are okay with more dialogue than a lot of visual effects. If you need more than a room full of people the whole time this movie may not be for you. This movie is good to watch with someone too if only to raise discussion on certain topics that we are dealing with right now in this country. Oh and I’ll end it with this..Please comment on your views and dissection on the ending.

+1 intrigued and curious the whole time
+1 Acting was as good as it was going to get
+1/2 with writing. Cliche’ plot with formulaic characters. Great topics of discussion.
+1/2 recommendation. This is worth a watch but its not for everyone. 
0 replay value. It only needs to be seen once. 

3 pts out of 5 pts

This movie is currently on Netflix. At least for the next month. Leave a comment below if you have seen it. Have a great day moviegeeks.


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