My Movie Review Rating System

A Breakdown of How I Review a Movie.

I thought I would share with you how I rate the movies I have been watching since I started this blog. Some critics do a letter system, A+ to D. Others use a 1-10 scale 1 being hated it while 10 being loved it. Mine is similar to the 1-10 scare but it’s a point system. Every movie has a chance to get a 5 point score. 1 being the lowest score and 5 the highest. The way I score these points is through a check list. Below is my checklist:

  1. Staying awake through the whole movie. +1missionaries-sleeping
    This one is self explanatory. If I was able to stay awake through the entire film and didn’t turn the movie off or walk out before the ending, then that at least deserves one point. In some degree the movie kept my attention the whole time.
  2. Acting +1/2 or +1giphyDid this movie deliver some great acting Yes or No? Now this one can receive a half point for doing okay or par acting from all its characters. If the acting sucked then they don’t gain a point for this one. If I can push mute and just watch them on screen do their thang then they definitely deserve that point.
  3. Writing +1/2 or +1tumblr_m9010sXDqf1qdhag9o1_500
    Did this movie have a good story? Was there a plot to it? Do I walk out all jealous jelly because I wish I had written it? “Do I understand the words coming out of their mouth!” *Chris Tucker voice. The movie gets a point for that. If it’s just a terrible script and it doesn’t make sense then no score for writing.
  4. Recommendation +1giphy (1)
    Would I recommend this movie to my followers, friends, family, and strangers? You ever watch a movie where it was so good but you know that no one else will like it? That’s how I feel about this category. Some movies, even though I love them, are not meant for the general population. These types of movies only appeal to certain people. In that regard, if this movie was so good that it will appeal to the majority, you get a point.
  5. Replay value +1gif-o-exterminador-do-futuro
    And finally replay value. Is this movie good enough to watch a second time? Can this movie be seen again and still deliver almost that feeling you got when you first watched it. Watching a comedy over again, can it still be funny? Watching a horror movie over again, will it still give you the scares you got before even though you know all the scary parts? Does this movie still have the ability to still entertain you after the first time. If the answer is yes then a point is deserved.

If the movie hit all the points on my checklist, you got yourself a good movie.


Now this point system might seem ridiculous, weird, or that I am coming up with some way to give even the most horrible movie a free pass. That’s okay if you think that way. Remember this is just an opinion and not the opinion. In addition to the point scale I will point out what you can expect from the movie to help you go through what you look for in a movie and to decide for yourself is it worth going to see at the movies or at all.

Thanks for reading moviegeeks.


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